project 'unvollendete tatsache' 

gruenwald / munich, 2009



collaborator: gabriel antweiler 


the project, located in gruenwald, munich, deals with the reuse and recycling of valuable building materials which were collected in the area over the course of three months. 

the intuitive and participatory construction process was governed by the dynamic flow of the collected building materials arriving on site. In contrast to a conventional architectural design process, this parameter initiated an iterative, material driven planning process on site. 


the developed typology aimed to accommodate basic functions of a conventional housing unit such as living, working, sleeping, dining which was manifested in a sequence of spaces arranged mounted in a vertical grid (w=3.5m x l=4.0 m x h=8m). 

the project polarized as it stood in contrast to the predominant architecture and its relatively affluent neighborhood.

The locally sourced and recycled construction materials and the improvised building method provided an alternative scenario how to deal with valuable waste materials of a prosperous society and also served as a platform for informal discussions and events during its construction.

copyright bastian beyer