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architecture is an inherently interdisciplinary, dynamic and dialectic field, constantly evolving through advances of society, science and politics. the contemporary unprecedented challenges of petrochemical dependency and environmental issues fundamentally changed the architect’s role. this condition calls for an extension of architecture’s repertoire beyond formal and autotelic design towards an awareness for the intrinsic interdependency between material, environment and society. concomitantly, this presses for taking responsibility for the impact of design decisions in order to respond to imperative and global challenges. 

engaging with new toolsets and methods such as computational design and manufacturing systems, advanced materials or contemporary biotechnology transcends the classic approach to architectural design hence generates an impetus for new aesthetics to unfold. 

bastian beyer is a london based architect and researcher. he holds a B.A in architecture from the university of applied sciences munich and an architectural engineering diploma from the university of the arts berlin. 

as a marie-curie H2020/EU research fellow (2015-19) he explored interdisciplinary design strategies between architecture, textiles, biotechnology at the royal college of art london and got awarded his phd in 2019. 

as a researcher he worked, amongst others, with heatherwick studio london on process- and production design for parametric façade elements using local resources. for his research, he collaborated with the geoengineering company soletanche bachy (paris) and the textile research institute EURECAT (barcelona). 

his phd project was awarded the autodesk/ACADIA emergent research award 2018 in mexico city. 

his work addresses and reflects the role of materials and manufacturing processes in the context of architecture and design. the specific focus of his work is on fibre-based composite structures and their distinct manufacture.  through the projects, he extends the notion of performance beyond mere quantitative engineering characteristics towards holistic and integrated material systems. 

his installations harness the aesthetic and performative momentum of manufacturing processes and material transitions which become an integral and interactive part of the work.

his research is centred around the design of textile microbiomes which allow for biologically triggered material transitions on a micro-scale. 

bastian beyer is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the cluster of excellence - matters of activity at the alexander von humboldt university berlin and a visiting lecturer at the royal college of art london. 




dezeen, springwise, treehugger, materialdistrict,


exhibitions / prizes / grants / residencies 


2018         autodesk / ACADIA emerging research award


2018         exhibiton bow arts trust / studio ian kiaer, london 


2017         a.r.t fellowship robotic fabrication / university of westminster, London


2017         wip exhibition / royal college of art, london


2016         exhibition „wolpertinger“ galerija „academija“ vilnius, lithuania  


2016         research secondment vilnius academy of arts, lithuania


2016         artist residency, nida art colony, lithuania


2016         wip exhibition / royal college of art


2015 - 18   marie skłodowska-curie actions eu fellowship / H2020, ArcInTex / royal college of art, london 


2015          exhibition dgi bauwerk, academy of arts, berlin


2015          exhibition ‚art and construction‘ karl hofer society, leinemann foundation, westraum berlin


2015          max taut prize of the university of the arts, berlin


2014          bda showroom exhibition / gallery of the association of german architects (bda), berlin


2012          solo exhibition / installation „aal“ / locht43, berlin


2012          member of jury committee for the paul baumgarten grant of the udk  


2012          group exhibition „showroom“ / locht43, berlin


2012 - 13    bernd tibes fellowship of the association of german architects (bda)


2011           paul baumgarten grant of the university of arts berlin


2011           second prize art-in-architecture  / max dellbrueck center for molecular medicine, berlin


2010 - 13    locht43 exhibition, event and co-workspace, berlin / founding, management, curatorial practice


2009          project installation ' unvollendete tatsache' / grünwald, munich 


selected lectures / presentations 


royal college of Art london
heatherwick studio london
universidad iberoamericana mexico city (ACADIA conference)

ecole des ponts paris, design by data program
university of bologna
haus der berliner festspiele (BDA prize)
swedish school of textiles boras
bow arts trust London
delvendahl martin architects london
vilnius art academy
nida artist residency, lithuania
academy of the arts berlin


Beyer, B., and Suárez, D. (2018). “Bioactive Knits: Fiber-based bio-receptive architectural composite materials for augmented knitted tectonics with graded material distribution.” ACADIA // 2018: Recalibration. On imprecision and infidelity.

Beyer, B., and Suárez, D. Fibre-based bio-receptive architectural composite materials for augmented knitted tectonics with graded material distribution. A: International Con- ference on Composite Structures. “21st International Conference on Composite Struc- tures”. 2018, p. 21.

Beyer, B. 2015. Sehnsuchtsorte. Protocol Magazin, 7(7).





































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